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Girls in girdles. Glad to see you here.  You have arrived at the best place on the web to see Pretty Young Ladies in Girdles, stockings and garterbelts. All of the girls here love to pose for you in lingerie that makes them feel glamorous.  Long leg panty girdles, full cut nylon briefs and sexy bikini panties.  They will happily let you look up their skirts as they bend over or cross their legs to dangle their high heel pumps.  This is glamour like girlie magazines from the 50s and 60s.  In the fifties and sixties, girls like Bettie Page and Tempest Storm were lifting their skirts and having a ball doing it.  All the girls here feel the same.  They get to wear bullet bras, push up bras, show their bra straps and wear sexy nylon slips and tight skirts that show off their visible panty lines.  VPL and garter belt and girdle bumps are so sexy.  You can lay on the floor as the girls stand over you and you can see their stocking tops and pantys.  You can watch fans blow up their skirts and show off their crinolines and obg’s.  Come in and have some fun.  It is like a candy store for vintage lingerie and sexy skirts all on happy and pretty young women who love old style corsetry and seamed stockings.


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